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Using Dropbox in FTVS HD

Using Dropbox


First Then Visual Schedule HD  

After Creating schedules:

  • Goto the settings menu on your app

  • Dropbox - Connect Dropbox

  • Enter your Dropbox login and password or create an account

  • Choose “Share Schedule” from the app settings menu


  • Tap the schedule you wish to upload to Dropbox (green check will appear)

  • A pop up will appear stating “ Schedule successfully uploaded to Dropbox” tap “ok”

  • As you hit “ok” email share will come up on your screen. You can still email share your schedules if needed or you can tap “cancel” to exit and “delete draft”


Finding your Schedules in Dropbox:

  • Open your Dropbox app on your idevice

  • Tap “My Schedules” (Dropbox>Apps>FTVS-HD) Folder and you will see your .zip schedule

Exporting your Schedules back to FTVS-HD app:

  • To export your saved Dropbox schedules back to the app, Tap “My Schedules”

  • Choose your file ( No preview will be available)  

  • Tap the drop down menu ( three dots in the top right corner)

  • Tap “Export”

  • Open in… (Apple app icon)


  • Tap FTVS HD app (copy to FTVS HD)


  • You will see the schedule Extracting to the app

  • A pop up menu will appear “import Successful” Restart application, tap “ok”

  • App will automatically close out

  • Reopen FTVS HD app and you will find your Dropbox Schedule on the home page

*** Please note: you can only export one schedule at a time to dropbox from the FTVS HD app

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