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How do I set a password?

To set a password on First Then Visual Schedule:

1. Goto the settings menu (gear icon located on the bottom right of the screen) 

2. Slide the password button to “ON,” which will bring up a window for the user to set an individual password

(The default setting for this feature is “OFF")

3. An alert window will pop up indicating that the password has been successfully changed. 

4. Once the password is set, the Settings menu cannot be accessed unless the correct password is keyed in. 

forgotten password - 

To reset your password on your iphone, ipad, ipod or ipad mini 

Step 1: Go to your idevice settings menu ( the one that looks like a  set of gears) 

Step: 2: Scroll down to your app section. Find FTVS HD, Visual Schedule Planner or Scene Speak

Step 3: Tap the app you would like to reset the password

Step 4: Slide the Reset Password circle over until green

Step 5: Go into your App (FTVS, VSP or Scene Speak) and reset your password under Settings menu 

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