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How do I back up my schedule using icloud?

  1. Prior to icloud backup/restoring

  • Make sure your device has adequate icloud space (additional space may be purchased through itunes).

  • Go to Settings menu of your device


        idevice settings Menu                              Available icloud space

  • Make Sure you have have the same iOS as well as the same app version on all devices you want to restore app contents. To make sure you have the latest app version go to your App store and choose updates on the bottom of the screen or from your itunes account on your computer. iOS updates can be found under your device settings menu. Settings> General> Software Update

  • Make sure your icloud for FTVS HD is turned to the "on" position (green tab). Settings> icloud > icloud drive on> Visual Planner (slide tab to green)

1. Tap the settings menu of the app (the gear located on the lower right corner)
2. Choose Create/Restore Backup
3. Tap create a backup
4. An alert will pop up on screen and ask : Do you want to create icloud backup? choose YES
5. icloud backup created successfully will pop up. Choose ok 

To Restore from back up onto another idevice:

1. In the settings menu of the app tap: Restore from Backup
2. A pop up alert will appear that asks: Do you want to restore from icloud backup? Select YES
3. icloud backup restored successfully. Please restart the application will appear. tap OK. The app will restart itself. 
4. Restart the app

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