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How do I get started with Visual Schedule Planner?

To begin to using Visual Schedule Planner:

1. Tap Menu icon in the lower left corner of the home screen to access the SETTINGS menu (See below for settings menu features). Make sure EDIT button is ON. It is in EDITING MODE when the HIDE EDIT BUTTON is set off.

2. Create an event by tapping the “EDIT” button in the upper right corner of the screen.  You will then go to the “Edit an Event Screen”.

3. From the EDIT EVENT screen, you can:

● Add a Title for your event

● Select start and end time for your event

● Repeat Event - scroll to choose

● Set up event reminder

● Add Photo - from multiple image sources

● Add Sound/TTS - record or select from sound library

            ● Link to a Video Clip or Activity Schedule:  You can only attach videos or schedules that  

you have previously created.These must be created outside of the “edit event” screen via the videos button and the activity schedule button in the settings menu.

● Access the User Manual - red “Help” button at the bottom of the screen

● Return HOME by tapping BACK icon at the top left of the screen

Note: Tap “Save” before returning to the home screen to ensure all changes are saved.

4. Additional Features in the Menu screen (for expanded info, please refer to individual tutorials):

● Notes

● Activity Schedules -  Use independent of an event

● Images

● Videos -  Use independent of an event

● Sounds

5. From the SETTINGS Menu, you can

● Hide buttons (if needed) -

● Access saved Videos and Activity Schedules.  

NOTE: To USE  Activity Schedules and Video Library independent of an event , you must slide the HIDE EDIT BUTTON to ON.  To EDIT or CREATE  Activity Schedules or  Videos, slide the HIDE EDIT BUTTON to OFF.  (see step 6 below for further clarification)

● Set Password

● Create & Restore from iCloud backup

● Archive app data using iTunes FILESHARING

● Print out daily calendar (send via email)

● Edit labels for “Now” and “Next”

● Add Multiple Users (Admin is the default user)

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